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'We know you are evil...'
Bilderberg critics have a message and a megaphone

Ottawa Citizen | June 11, 2006
By Shannon Proudfoot

Members of the Bilderberg Group hit the links at the Marshes Golf Course in Kanata yesterday, while protesters gathered to loudly express their distrust for the secretive gathering of international power brokers.

About 20 people assembled on the sidewalk in front of the Brookstreet Resort, where the conference of political and business leaders is meeting this weekend. Many of the protesters were drawn there by the presence of controversial U.S. filmmaker Alex Jones, who is currently working on a documentary about the Bilderberg Group.

"We know you are evil, we know you are ruthless. We respect your dark power," Mr. Jones shouted into a megaphone, his words echoing off the blank glass face of the hotel. He paused occasionally in his lengthy remarks-- including charges that Bilderberg members were responsible for putting mercury and cancer viruses in vaccines-- to direct the cameramen accompanying him or to pose for photos with fans.

Each time a dark sedan or SUV passed through the parking lot, protesters rushed over to jeer at the occupants, but Ottawa police officers and private security personnel kept a hawkish watch and no one was allowed on the hotel property.

Kanata resident John McNamara is critical of the international banking an dmedia monopolies he believes the Biderberg members control. He acknowledged that most people are "asleep to the whole agenda" and said the protest was intended primarily to raise awareness and make a statement.

"We're giving them notice that more and more people are waking up, and I think it's due mainly to the Internet," Mr. McNamara said.

Over the past few years, Jeff Leroux has followed the activities of Bilderberg and similar groups through books and websites, but he felt it was "pretty scary" to know they were meeting in Ottawa this time. He thought the timing of the conference, one week after the arrests of 17 Canadian terror suspects, was suspicious, and felt compelled to spend a few hours camped out in front of the hotel on Friday and again yesterday.

"Now they're here, which to me has been stuff I've only read about in books, and now this is not a book-- they're here in our backyard, so I thought I should be here," he said.

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