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Charges Reduced for Reporter Arrested at GOP Debates
Prosecutor Cuts Deal for 'Attempted Criminal Trespass' Violation, $250 Fine, Casting Off Criminal Charges in Lieu of High Publicity




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WeAreChange News / Mike Knarr | July 3, 2007


RELATED: Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary News and reporter Matt Lepacek was arraigned in Goffstown, New Hampshire on the charge of Criminal Trespass. While attending the Republican Debate in New Hampshire in June, Matt Lepacek was asking a follow-up question to Rudy Guiliani's pollster Ed Goeas about foreknowledge of the World Trade Center's collapse and with an apparent wink and a nod, state and local police rushed in to drag him out. While trying to determine outside who was really behind the orders to remove him from the Spin Room, Matt was arrested.

Formal arraignment procedures in New Hampshire before a judge are considered an "option". Matt met with an assistant district attorney this morning to discuss his case. The prosecutor stated that he thought he had a good case but was willing to reduce the charge to a violation, basically a speeding ticket. The violation description is "attempted criminal trespass" and the fine would be $500, but the prosecutor said he would suspend $250 of that.


In previous discussions over the phone with New Hampshire prosecutors it was noted that heavy call volumes were received at many locations including their offices. Matt had also spoken with leading constitutional attorneys like Jonathan Turley who appears regularly on TV and testifies on constitutional issues before congress. Although everyone felt that this case had no merit, time and money are the real issues. Goffstown police and prosecutors are paid to show up. Matt spent 14 hours driving and over $150 in gas just to be arraigned. Against his principles, he accepted the deal. "I can't see myself making this round trip again for something this trivial" said Matt upon leaving the court house. The disposition of justice in this country is heavily weighted on the side of the state. Had Matt sought representation the costs would have been in the thousands not to mention the hours spent meeting with lawyers and attending court dates.

"There is still the matter of the broken camera and a missing battery" according to Matt. Goffstown police are shown in the video dropping Matt's camera as they led him off to the police car. No case has yet been filed for the recovery of these and other damages but Matt is hopeful that the local officials will agree to fully reimburse for all costs.

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